Innovative Dearier Facial Cleansing Brushes Adapts DearSonic Tech for

Innovative Dearier Facial Cleansing Brushes Adapts DearSonic Tech for Makeup Removal & Deep Cleansing


A must-have makeup remover sonic facial cleansing brush for home or travel.

Long-term makeup damage to the skin:

  1. Most girls like makeup. Although it can beautify their appearance and make them more confident, do you know that long-term makeup is harmful to the skin to a certain extent? There are some harmful substances in cosmetics, and long-term use may cause facial damage. Redness, swelling, itching, and other symptoms appear. In addition, it may lead to an imbalance of water and oil, causing or aggravating acne on the face.
  2. Cosmetics will clog the pores. Although makeup is removed every day, there will be residues in the pores, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, which can easily lead to large pores.
  3. The skin ages faster, which is the potential harm of cosmetics, and the skin that uses cosmetics for a long time will be more aged compared to the same age, such as sagging and sagging skin.

First-of-its-kind solution for thorough makeup removal and cleansing – Dearier ®

Fortunately, however, for thorough makeup removal, Dearier®, a Japanese innovative makeup remover technology brand, provides you with a new sonic vibration makeup removal device solution that can eliminate skin anxiety and regain clear and radiant skin.

For effective skin care, you need scientific makeup removal and a specialized device for deep pore cleansing. The first-ever electric makeup removal device designed for makeup removal from Dearier ® in the world is your first choice. Featuring specialized 0.6mm diameter silicone bristles and advanced DearSonic technology, it cleans makeup residue, dirt, and oil from pores at 10,000 vibrations per minute, leaving skin clear and firm. Massage the eye area with a hot compress at 42°C, which can promote blood circulation, eliminate puffiness, create revitalized skin, promote the absorption of skin care lotions, and create radiant skin.

3 speeds can be adjusted independently, and 2 cleaning modes are available, gentle and skin-friendly, and truly do not damage the skin barrier.

Different from other facial cleansing devices on the market, Dearier makeup removal device adapts an ergonomic handle design, which makes it easier to control the direction of movement, and truly cleans the skin around the eyes, which is more comfortable and controllable and is ideal for daily makeup removal and facial cleansing. Great value. Get started to experience the world's first electric makeup removal device today!

About Dearier ®

Dearier was founded in 2019 by Dr. Akira Rukawa who insists on helping women to combat skin aging and improve facial attractiveness. Dearier is keen on cutting edge beauty science and technology and engineering them into the products.

Dearier applies the complimentary VISIA Complexion Analysis to ensure the designed effectiveness of all its products before its launch into the market.

The brand motivation of Dearier is to make more women use affordable and prime beauty devices for their skincare, so Dearier refuses high profit margins and high prices.

In 2021, Dearier innovated and launched the first ever "Makeup Removal Facial Cleansing Device" - GLAMOUR 365. It's designed and developed with dedicated expertise for DAILY makeup removal by delivering deep pore cleansing and more glowing skin using sonic vibration and thermal technology.

Where to purchase electric makeup removal devices or creative facial cleansing brushes?

You can place an order directly at to order your favorite products, lightning delivery, and you can enjoy great discounts when ordering now. No purchase quantity limit, bulk orders are available. Get started now!

 In conclusion:

If you're struggling to find the right makeup remover & facial cleansing solution, Dearier ®, an innovative and fast-growing Japanese makeup removal tech brand is your ideal choice. Dearier specializes in electric sonic makeup removal devices and facial cleansing brushes and is committed to providing people in the world with the most ideal makeup removal and facial cleansing solutions. If you need to get rid of the appearance anxiety from your skin urgently, so browse our official website of Dearier brand to order your favorite facial cleansing brush or makeup removal device. In addition, if you want to learn more, you can get in touch with our experts! email at

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