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Meet the latest in DearSonicTM technology. So advanced.
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of makeup removal and facial cleansing.

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What's a Makeup removal Brush?

A new kind of electrical facial cleansing brushes, which are dedicatedly and specially designed and made for makeup removal and facial cleansing, apply the sonic vibrating technology and the optimal silicone bush design to remove makeup residues at a pore level without overdoing to the skin.
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"The device not only dissolves makeup residues but also stimulates the drainage system, reduces puffiness and firms the skin. Results-wise, 96% of the testers were happy with their deep pore cleanse and everybody found the soft silicone bristles quick to clean. It scored highly in the lab, too, banishing grease and grime with ease."

Dr. Sara Yamamoto
- Director, Dearier R&D Center -

The Differences.

the TRUE Voice

"This silicone brush is awesome for removing makeup and exfoliating your skin, and it has an eye thermal massage mode (which is perfect for reducing swelling, soothing puffiness, and smoothing fine lines). This brush is designed to be used in the shower. Oh my gosh, It's so stylish!"

- Joliee, @Seattle, Washington

"Get this Dearier brush if you're worried a facial cleansing brush will irritate your skin. The bristles are extremely soft and allow you to effectively clean out your pores as well as reduce makeup residue without irritating your skin. Plus, it comes with a stylish cap and a voguish storage bag."

- Emma, @Salinas, California

"I am amazed at the value of this brush. During my daily cleansing routine, the product was extremely effective at removing make-up and left me with a soft, glowing complexion. Lightweight and very convenient for handling. It's elegant and I'm eager to continue using it."

Isabella, @San Jose, California

"My ideal choice for make-up removal, and won me over with a deep cleanse that left skin feeling softer and more radiant.It's straightforward and fashionable design was easy to use, with a vibration level that felt gentle yet was still effective on makeup residues."

Charlotte, @Charlotte, New York

"Using this brush head is like receiving a mini facial every time. The antibacterial silicone it is made from (which is also hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and waterproof) emits 10,000 vibrations per minute to thoroughly remove makeup residues and cleanse your skin. Also, it can be used to massage serums and moisturizers into your skin for a deeper absorption (use mode 3 and the backside of the brush for massaging)."

- Hannah, @Lancaster, California

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