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Below FAQs are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing the Dearier's, if you have other questions, please just send it to hello@dearier.com
The brand is named Dearier with a "dear" in it, which is Dr. Akita's special dedication to his wife, Susie.
With full charge and 1-minute use per day, GLAMOUR 365 can work amazingly as long as at least 200 days.
Yes. The Dearier makeup-removing facial cleansing brushes are IPX7 waterproof with whole body washable. Enjoy it in the shower!
Yes, we do. Please send your customisation requests to hello@dearier.com, we will give you our quote. Thank you.
It is very straightforward. Following each use, rinse it with clean water and allow the brush to get air-dry. After the brush has dried, place it in the cap. That is all.
This is a bit tricky. A push on the bottom of the brush will unlock the charging port and allow it to be charged. Make sure to push it back once the brush has been recharged.
Yes, you can. Just simply follow the instructions in our Manual Guide, you will be able to easily create a multi-level menu.
Absolutely! In addition to acting as an applicator of skincare products, the thermal pad also acts as a booster of absorption by virtue of its vibratory and thermal effects. A spatula shape further accentuates this merit.
Certainly. It has a two-minute timer. Every two minutes, it automatically stops. This setting helps avoid over-cleansing of the skin by providing the users with a sense of time. Because makeup density differs from one situation to another, cleansing time varies accordingly. Dearier suggests not exceeding a continuous time of 4 minutes and choosing the right cleansing level.
DearSonic technology of sonic vibration generates cyclic deformation and relaxation at a rate of 120-170 actions per second. Through the repetitive movement, adhesions between the pores and makeup residues gradually loosen, which are then removed by the bristle sweeping action.
No. It does not require a replacement head. The silicone brush has a long lifespan due to its high aging resistance.
About two hours from drain-out.
This comes with a USB charging cable. It does not come with a charger, but any USB charger works correctly with the included USB cord.
GLAMOUR 365 is a new kind of facial cleansing devices that has been developed specifically for removing makeup.
Using it is simple and easy. This one-button design provides 3 operation modes for gentle and intensive cleansing and thermal eye massaging, respectively.
It works perfectly together with a makeup remover or cleanser to remove makeup or cleanse the face.
Yes, it is. The brush is made of antibacterial, hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and food-grade silicone, which is safe for teenagers.
Yes, it can. The thermal eye massaging function helps boost eye cell metabolism, reduce puffiness around the eyes, and thus tighten eye bags.
Yes, it does. Glamour 365's beauty lies in deep pore cleansing. As a result of repetitive movements, adhesions between pores and blackheads are loosened. Through the sweeping action of the bristles, the loosening blackheads, dead skin, and debris can be removed.
Not at all. Sonic vibrations are what drive the cleansing process.
Simple. Clean it with water and allow it to get air dry.
Yes. The silicone brushes are superior. As opposed to traditional nylon brushes, silicone bristles are waterproof, so they dry very quickly. As a result, it is much more hygienic than nylon bristles which tend to collect bacteria and fungi.
The brush makes a very gentle vibrating sound only at a whisper lev. Based on our measurements, it falls well below most facial cleansing devices on the market.
Yes, it is effective yet gentle. With GLAMOUR 365, sonic waves pulse at up to 10,000 times a second to remove dead skin, dirt, and sebum from the pores gently.
Indeed. It is suitable for all types of skin (e.g. sensitive skin vs normal skin), except if you are suffering from a serious skin disorder. Then you should consult your healthcare professional or dermatologist for the use of the device.
Yes, it is safe for people with acne and rosacea and helps delay comedone occurrence and prevent acne.
Certainly not. The device is IPX7 waterproof.
7400 Hz for the gentle cleansing mode.
10000 Hz for intensive cleansing mode.
Yes, it does. This item is made of antibacterial, hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and food-grade silicone
No need at all. The device does not require a factory reset.
1. If it shows that your package was delivered and you can't locate it, please wait two full days (excluding Sundays and holidays) for the package to arrive. It's recommended checking around your home and asking your neighbors if they may have received it for you. 2. If it still doesn't work out, please just reach out to us via hello@dearier.com.
Sorry about this situation. If your package has been pending for 5 days, it may be lost or delayed. Please do not hesitate to contact us via hello@dearier.com. We're always here for you.
No, Dearier isn't responsible for any customs taxes charged by your country.
Generally, it takes 3-7 business days for delivery.
It's designed in Japan and manufactured in China.
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