Dearier® Is A Japanese Makeup Removing Tech Brand, Offering Makeup Rem

Dearier® Is A Japanese Makeup Removing Tech Brand, Offering Makeup Removal Device Solutions


The first-ever makeup removal device from Dearier ®

Although makeup can hide facial spots, blemishes, etc., and make us feel more confident. But in fact, dermatologists point out that the chemicals can cause serious health problems. Cosmetics are made of a variety of chemicals, and wearing makeup for a long time can cause many skin problems. Including acne, acne, irritant dermatitis, etc.

Although most people know their basic skin type, they may not recognize the presence of an underlying skin condition. People with sensitive or dry skin types, underlying inflammatory skin conditions, or a history of exposure to allergies are extremely prone to skin problems caused by regular makeup. Therefore, Dearier ® invented the world's first special makeup remover device for thorough makeup removal and cleaning, breaking down the residues in the pores, make-up, dirt, oil, etc., and the sonic vibration deeply cleans the pores in just one minute.

The world's first makeup removal device from Dearier ®

The First-Ever specialized makeup removal device. A new electric silicone facial cleansing brush specially designed and manufactured for makeup removal, sonic vibrations with DearSonic technology with 10,000 cleaning actions per minute, can deeply clean the pores to clean the residue. Specialized silicone & high-density bristles, soft and skin-friendly.

What does a makeup removal device do?

Dearier GLAMOUR 365's high-density bristles and optimal silicone hardness and versatility make it the ideal cleansing brush for makeup removal and deep cleansing. Featuring DearSonic vibration technology, it breaks down make-up residue, oil, and dirt in pores for a deep clean.


  1. DearSonic Technology
  2. Stylish Handle Design
  3. Special Bristle Design
  4. 3 Speed Settings
  5. Elastic Brush Head
  6. Protection Cap

Makeup Removal Device -GLAMOUR 365's Advantages

1.Creative and Considerate

2.Sonic Vibration Cleansing.

3.The Specialized Silicone

4.Effective, Yet Gentle, For DAILY Use.

5.DAILY Makeup Removal With No Skin Damage.


User's Guidance:

How to use makeup removal device please check this post.

How to purchase?

Order online at, and enjoy big savings, free shipping, bulk orders available, and unlimited purchases.

In Conclusion:

Dearier ® is a Japanese makeup removing tech brand, offering makeup removal device solutions for you. No skin damage, gentle and effective.

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