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The Importance of Makeup Removal and My Makeup Removal Routine


Make sure your skin is healthy, clean, and free of makeup before going to bed each night!

You are probably familiar with the do's and don'ts regarding skincare in your quest for a healthy and beautiful complexion. As a skincare pro, you have mastered the morning and night routines, as well as ways to maintain supple and healthy skin. Are you aware that all of these routines that you follow religiously will be thrown out if you fail to remove your makeup before bed?

I would happily share the secret spell of removing makeup with you if it existed. I regret to inform you that there is not. In order to maintain soft, clean skin, makeup removal is essential. Being honest, I will completely understand if you forget to remove your makeup every now and then. It's not hard to imagine that when we come home after a day at a party with fine makeup and exhausted, it's hard to follow the steps and spend at least 30 minutes on makeup removal. Regular application of this treatment, however, may cause a great deal of skin damage. Whether you are dealing with unwanted pimples or clogged pores, you need to reach for the makeup remover before going to sleep. The act of removing makeup after a long day can seem tedious after a long day. Although we have occasionally missed it, we soon had to deal with its consequences. 

So, in order to make removing makeup less of a burden, I found a cleanser that can be used to remove makeup and recommend it to you!

To help you remove makeup like a pro, I have outlined my quick and easy steps for removing makeup with a makeup remover facial cleansing device. Please be assured that it will not take up too much of your precious time. With that in mind, let me now share my daily makeup removal routine utilizing a makeup remover facial cleansing device.

Makeup Removal Step 1 - Choose the Right Cleansing Brush

You have probably used a number of makeup removers in the past, including makeup remover wipes, makeup remover oil or makeup remover.

Both methods require you to touch your face with your hands, which not only causes bacteria to spread from your hands to your face, but also requires a considerable amount of time. I find it extremely frustrating to spend so much time and energy attempting to remove your makeup and still not being able to do so completely.

In my experience, makeup removers and cleansers do not effectively remove stubborn makeup build-ups deep within the pores. As a result, a specialized device is required.

The cleansing brush I am using is called Dearier GLAMOUR 365. I still remember how amazed I was when I first got it.

Unlike other cleansing brushes on the market Dearier GLAMOUR 365.  is the first cleansing brush that can be used to remove makeup.

It completely frees my hands, it is suitable for any skin type and can be used daily, I highly recommend having a GLAMOUR 365 on your vanity too! 

Makeup Removal Step 2 – Take Extra Care to be Gentle

When you have selected the appropriate makeup remover facial cleansing brush, squeeze a small amount of makeup remover onto the silicone bristles. After that, select the setting that is most suitable for your face and gently glide the brush across it. Apply the working bristles gently to the eye area and gently wipe off the makeup instead of wiping it off quickly.

Makeup Removal Step 3 – Pay Special Attention to Your Eyes

In particular, liquid eyeliners and mascara are notoriously difficult to remove. For this type of product, GLAMOUR 365 has helped me a lot. Make sure you hold and press the cleansing brush gently against your eyes for a few seconds, and then gently stroke the eye area, as the GLAMOUR 365's curved bristles are designed to make the cleaning process easier.

Makeup Removal Step 4 - Keep your hairline in mind

It is difficult to erase the masterpiece you have created when applying foundation. However, you must do so! Don't forget to clean your hairline when applying foundation, since it reaches your hairline during application. Ensure you are makeup-free by tying your hair into a sleek back style with a hair tie or headband. Your roots may get wet if you are thorough, but it is well worth the effort.

Makeup Removal Step 5 - Do an Eye Massage

At this point, don't forget to give yourself an eye massage. You've probably been wearing contact lenses for a day, and even if you don't, eyeliner and eye makeup can tire your eyes. Your eyes really need a massage at this time.I really like the eye massage design of Dearier GLAMOUR 365. The contoured back of brush head provides 42°C thermal and vibration eye massage to improve blood circulation and alleviate eye fatigue, and thus reduce the appearance of dark circles by and wrinkles by a pretty impressive result.

Makeup Removal Step 6 - Stick to Skin Care

There are only a few steps left! Despite the fact that you have already completed 90% of your task, why would you leave out the remaining 10%? If you wish to boost your skin's natural moisture even further, apply your toner and moisturizer after cleansing. You may not need to wear makeup in the morning if you use this product. It will give your skin a natural glow in the morning.

I usually use the spatula side of the GLAMOUR 365 for my skin care and moisturizing steps, the handle design is very comfortable, and the GLAMOUR 365 has become my daily must-have tool.

It amazes me even more that I've owned it for three months, but I've never charged it, and I'm delighted with how long the battery lasts.

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