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Does Everyone should own a facial cleansing device?


There is no doubt that double cleaning is common sense. With double cleansing, excess oil and oil-based product residue are removed by oil-based cleansers, while remaining pore-clogging dirt is removed by water-based cleansers, resulting in cleanest skin and the clearest pores you have ever seen.

However, it is well known that using a double cleanse every day to cleanse our skin can be time-consuming. It would be impossible for you to follow the steps to remove makeup and dirt from your face after a busy day at work. You may find it more convenient and efficient to use a device that automatically removes makeup and cleanses your face, which allows you to clean your face more thoroughly and more effectively than with your hands.

Therefore, Everyone should own a facial cleansing device, such as Dearier GLAMOUR 365, Foreo Luna, etc. Among them, Dearier GLAMOUR 365 is the first-ever makeup remover facial cleansing device. Although Foreo Luna has no makeup removwal highlights, it is also popular in the market.

Why Is It Beneficial To Use A Cleansing Brush? 

A cleansing brush has already been mentioned for its ability to cleanse deep into the pores and remove makeup, but what other benefits does it offer? 

Using a cleansing brush regularly can have many benefits, not the least of which is that it will improve the natural cycle of your skin. You can remove dead skin cells faster by using a brush rather than your hands when cleansing, which in turn increases the production of collagen in your skin. Why is this an excellent idea? Collagen increases the firmness and youthful appearance of the skin. 

A cleansing brush can also increase blood flow to your skin by stimulating its surface. A healthy glow can be achieved through an increase in circulation. 

Furthermore, facial cleansing brushes may be beneficial to those who suffer from breakouts, as they are capable of removing excess oil and dirt from pores that may not be reached by standard cleansing methods.  

Here Is A Step-by-step Guide On The Use Of Your Cleansing Brush. 

It is very easy to clean your face with a facial cleansing brush. The following steps will assist you in making the most of your new tool.

1. Start by removing all makeup --- Sure, this cleansing brush will remove dirt and makeup from your face, but in order to keep it as clean as possible and keep it functioning optimally for as long as possible, you need to start by cleansing your face. Using a makeup remover facial cleansing device Dearier GLAMOUR 365 eliminates the need to remove makeup by hand. If you don't have a makeup remover facial cleansing device, you still need to manually remove makeup starting with a cotton pad.

2. Using your second cleanser – After cleansing your skin with your first cleanser, apply your second cleanser to damp skin.

3. Ensure that your cleansing brush is wet – You should thoroughly wet your cleansing brush before applying it to your skin.

4. Use your brush to massage your skin – Using gentle pressure, gently work your brush in small circular motions across your face. In addition to your eyebrows and the sides of your nose, don't forget to use the brush on difficult-to-reach areas. With its handheld design and curved brush head, Dearier GLAMOUR 365 takes the hard-to-reach areas of the face into account and excels at it.

5. Use this brush for a maximum of one minute. It is not recommended that you use this brush for more than 60 to 90 seconds at a time. Approximately 20 seconds should be spent cleaning the chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead.

6. Ensure that your cleansing brush is clean and stored safely. After you have completed cleaning your cleansing brush, run it under warm water to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Following this, you may wish to use a mild liquid soap or shampoo to remove any remaining makeup or residue from the bristles. The brush should be wiped dry with a cloth or towel, and then allowed to air dry before being stored.

Using the right face cleansing brush: Do's and Don'ts


Use those brushes that can be used daily, like Dearier GLAMOUR 365, which won't damage your skin barrier and can be used daily even for sensitive skin.

You should always clean your brush regularly with soap and water or alcohol in order to prevent bacteria from developing and causing breakouts.

Use a food-grade silicone cleansing brush, otherwise bacteria will grow. It is possible for small breakouts to occur as a temporary side effect of this brush, since it causes bacteria to rise to the surface, causing a pimple to form. It is recommended that you reduce the frequency of use if this occurs. After two weeks, discontinue using the brush.


Avoid using cleansing brushes without overload protection, as prolonged use can damage the skin barrier.

It is not advisable to share your brush with others.

Avoid using it in conjunction with other chemical or physical exfoliants, such as scrubs containing abrasives.

Ensure that the product is not used on active acne, pimples, or open wounds that are infectious.

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