Dearier Glamour 365 - Innovative Sonic Silicone Makeup Removal Device

Dearier Glamour 365 - Innovative Sonic Silicone Makeup Removal Device Solutions For 10 Common Skin Problems


Check out why Dearier is needed to avoid your skin problems caused by makeup.

Nearly 90% of young people are troubled by skin problems. Various reasons such as wearing makeup for a long time, irregular work and rest, and damaged skin barrier have led to the continuous emergence of skin problems in modern people, causing many young people to fall into appearance anxiety. So, what are the common skin problems? What effective solutions can we use to create clean and radiant skin? Please read this post to find the right solution to get rid of your anxiety.

What are the 10 common skin problems?

  1. Clogged pores

Because the dust of life adheres to the skin, and the daily cosmetic residues are extremely easy to block the pores, making the skin uneven. In addition, ordinary manual face wash cannot penetrate deep into the pores at all, so this requires a new and effective sonic vibration cleansing device.

  1. Acne

Acne is really annoying, but hormonal acne is even more frightening. Maybe you are also stuck looking for a breakthrough solution, you may have tried many ways but none of them work. But if you are equipped with Dearier's innovative electric sonic facial cleansing brush, acne problems will be effectively eliminated. Please contact us or purchase a specialized facial cleansing brush online.

  1. Blackheads

Blackheads usually form when your pores become clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Bad blackheads are really bad for your appearance, however, fortunately, using Dearier Creative Electric Cleansing Brush can effectively and gently remove blackheads.

  1. Freckles

The metabolic waste, harmful substances and melanin in the skin cannot be gradually deposited with the normal metabolism of the human body to form freckles. Endocrine disorders are also the cause of freckles in women. In addition, bad habits such as stress, partial eclipse and lack of sleep can also increase melanin. But you don't need to worry, as Dearie's new Sonic Facial Brush can help you achieve clear, radiant skin with enhanced skin vitality.

  1. Dark circles

One of the habits of modern young people is to stay up late, but lack of sleep can lead to some common and irritating skin problems, such as dark circles. Dearier's innovative facial cleansing device provides a 42°C heat and vibrating eye massage to improve blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue. Can be used in conjunction with an eye cream to brighten the skin around the eye area and provide an overall healthier, younger-looking complexion.

  1. Oily skin

Due to the strong secretion of oil, it is easy to cause clogged pores, resulting in acne, blackheads, etc., which affects the permeability of the skin. Therefore, oily skin needs a new breakthrough solution for skin care- Dearier Glamour 365 - Innovative Sonic Silicone facial cleansing Device.

  1. Dull skin

Due to the lack of daily sun protection, cleaning and care, the deposition of melanin on the skin will not only make the skin darker and look dull, but also form stains in serious cases, which will seriously affect the image. Therefore, Dearier's effective and professional electric sonic vibration facial cleaning device is needed for efficient deep pore cleaning and promotes the absorption of skin care products to achieve radiant skin.

  1. Eye bags

Eye bags are divided into puffy eye bags, loose eye bags, and mixed eye bags.

Puffy eye bags are caused by the accumulation of waste toxins in the eye caused by the water filling the eye, the obstruction of blood circulation in the eye, the metabolic disorder of the eye cells, and the swelling of fat.

Slack eye bags are caused by aging and genetic reasons that make the muscles around the eyes relax, allowing the eyeballs to fall down, compressing the fat under the eyeballs, and causing the fat to protrude forward.

Mixed eye bags are caused by the intersection of long-term skin puffiness and body relaxation, which are not only the swelling of the eye bags but also the degeneration and relaxation of the skin and small muscle groups around the eyes.

Fortunately, Dearier Glamour 365 - Innovative Sonic Silicone facial cleansing brush can not only remove makeup, and deep clean but also have a 42°C eye massage function, which can promote the effective absorption of skin care products such as eye cream, eliminate puffiness under the eyes, and firm the skin.

  1. Rough texture

Due to the abnormally tight connection between keratinocytes, abnormal desquamation, dry skin and other reasons will cause the facial skin to be rough and affect the appearance of the face. In order to eliminate this problem, Dearier specially innovated an electric sonic vibration facial cleansing brush to meet your daily facial cleansing and makeup removal needs, gently exfoliate, brighten the skin, and make the skin smoother and more delicate.

  1. Large pores

Usually, due to hormone secretion disorder in the body, excessive stress and environmental pollution, unclean makeup remover, daily facial cleaning procedures are not done well, etc. In addition, with age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and the lack of support structures around the hair follicles can also easily make the pores appear larger. To solve the common skin problem of enlarged pores, Dearier's innovative professional electric sonic vibration facial cleansing brush meets your daily makeup removal and daily deep pore cleaning needs. It is gentle and skin-friendly, does not damage the skin barrier, and is effective for all skin types. Buy now and enjoy great savings!

How to solve skin problems and create clear, radiant skin?

Dearier Glamour 365 - Innovative Sonic Silicone Makeup Removal Device With DearSonic technology, soft silicone 0.6mm diameter bristles, and the best silicone hardness tested by team experts, it can effectively break down makeup residue, dirt, oil, etc. in the pores, 10000 per minute With the sub-vibration cleaning action, your cleaning process is simple and convenient, it only takes 1 minute, and you can choose 3 speeds and 2 cleaning modes. Gentle and skin-friendly, it's the world's best makeup remover and facial cleanser. Get started to try a new skincare device today, and Glamour 365 is your first choice. Affordable, amazing results. Order now!

Features of Dearier Glamour 365:

1.Effective and Skin-Safe DearSonic Vibration.

2.Made from Food-grade and Antibacterial Silicone of High Aging Resistance and SKIN-SAFE Hardness,.

3.Bristles Of 0.6 mm Diameters.

4.Elastic Brush Head to Prevent Over-Cleansing.

5.Anti-dust and Antibacterial Cap.

6.Handle Design for Greater Hygiene and Comfort.

7.Thermal Eye Massaging.

8.Portable for Travel.

What are the advantages of Dearier Glamour 365?

1.Effective, Yet Gentle, For DAILY Use!

Unlike many alternatives on the market, GLAMOUR 365 has been adjusted for optimum silicone hardness (tested by the Shore Durometer) based on research by Dearier's R&D team to ensure the DAILY makeup removal process is effective and skin-friendly.

2.Stylish Handle Design

The stylish handle design is considered superior to handheld ones for more Comfortable user experience, and better power control and more precise reach, especially for eye makeup removal. 

3.DearSonic Technology

DearSonic is a sonic vibration technology on the bush bristles. This lead to 7000-10000 cleaning actions of each bristle per second. The premise of DearSonic to remove makeup more thoroughly and efficiently than manually cleansing with fingers, without compromising the skin barrier.

Where to purchase GLAMOUR 365 Makeup Removal Facial Cleansing Brush?

Order GLAMOUR 365 online at and enjoy great discounts, no limit on order quantity, and bulk orders are available. For more information, browse and shop now!

In Conclusion:

Dearier Glamour 365 - Innovative Sonic Silicone Makeup Removal Device Solutions to meet your makeup removing & facial cleansing needs. For many common skin problems, Dearier ® offer professional facial cleansing device solutions. To learn more, please contact our online experts, or place an order directly online.

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