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What's a Makeup removal Brush?

A new kind of electrical facial cleansing brushes that is dedicatedly and specially designed and made for makeup removal.
It applies the sonic vibrating technology and the optimal silicone bush design to remove makeup residues by deep pore cleansing.

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The Differences.

A Must-have!

The daily use of makeup exposes skin to chemicals and toxins. Sleeping in makeup is "One Of The Biggest Mistakes" we can make to our skin. Doing so can clog pores, leaving excess oil, dead skin, makeup residue, bacteria and pollutants trapped inside, which causes skin disorders (e.g., acne, inflammation, enlarged pores).Removers and cleaners remove makeup from skin surface, but not that stuck inside the pores. Hence, a specialised device is required.

For makeup removal, it is essential to perform pore cleansing with SKIN-FRIENDLY devices. NOTE that not all facial cleansing devices are suitable for DAILY use, as over-washings and over-scrubbing have led to damage to the skin barrier and the outer skin cells. Dearier is the category inventor of makeup removal devices. Dearier GLAMOUR 365 was developed with dedicated expertise for daily makeup removal.


Effective, Yet Gentle, For DAILY Use!

GLAMOUR 365 adapt the optimal brush specifications to ensure the DAILY makeup removing process is effective, yet skin-friendly.

High Brush Bristles Density

The 1232 bristles provide enough skin contact area for high CLEANSING INTENSITY.

Optimised Bristle Length Pattern

The pattern presents a concave centre to the sides, but a top-to-bottom convexity for a full and precise reach to the face.

0.6mm Diameters Brush Bristle

The 0.6mm diameters brush bristles offer the balance on makeup removal and skincare for DAILY use, and are a cinch to clean.


The Elastic Brush Head

The design of the brush of elasticity head up to 45O prevents the over-cleansing and over-scrubbing effectively.

The Premium Food-grade Silicone

Crafted from odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and food-grade silicone of optimal hardness and high aging resistance.

The Elegant Fashion Design

GLAMOUR 365 owns the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance. A voguish and branded storage bag included;

Freedom to Shine

Long Battery Life

With full charge and 1-minute use twice per day, GLAMOUR 365 can work amazingly for up to 200 days.

IPX7 Waterproof

IPX7 waterproof with whole body washable. Enjoy it in the shower!

Battery Level Indicator

The 4 stylish light bars indicates the battery status and the state of charge.

Protective & Stylish


Extra, But Brilliant!

GLAMOUR 365 = Makeup Removal Device + Thermal Eye Massager + Skincare Spatula

Thermal Eye Massager

The contoured back of brush head provides 42°C thermal and vibration eye massage to improve blood circulation and alleviate eye fatigue, and thus reduce the appearance of dark circles by and wrinkles by a pretty impressive result

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Skincare Spatula

The vibrated thermal pad also works as a skincare spatula to help you evenly apply your skincare products to your face, and also an absorption booster by virtue of thermal and vibrating effects.

Learn More

User Guides

Get helpful hints and tips on how to make the most of Dearier GLAMOUR 365 and download the guide guidebook. If you have any more questions, please just feel free to contact hello@dearier.com.

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