Our Story | Dearier


Chapter 1 - the cause

When the complaints from his wife, Susie , came to Dr. Akira Rukawa for the third time, he knew there must be something serious with them. The complaints were about the beauty devices his wife was using, which were cheap but of no effect, and the ones she wanted to buy were expensive.

Chapter 2 - the findings

It led to Dr. Akira Rukawa's research and investigation on the market and industry, and he found two key industry characteristics: 1. The high-end home-use beauty devices have very high profitable margin. 2. The cheap and ineffective products is filling up the market.

Chapter 3 - A big decision

Dr. Akira Rukawa decided to integrates innovative technologies, high quality, stylish design and decent price into a new brand. A brand has the mission to help women to combat skin aging and improve facial attractiveness.

Chapter 4 - the name

The brand is named Dearier with a "dear" in it, which is Dr. Akira Rukawa's special dedication to his wife, Susie.

Chapter 5 - not just products

Seeking to be a trusted skincare companion to its customers, what Dearier provides aren't just products but also great service.

Chapter 6 - quality oriented

Dearier always chooses the top supply chain to match the company value in the highest quality seeking.

Chapter 7 - to be pioneering

Dearier is keen on cutting edge beauty science and technology and engineering them into the products.

Chapter 8 - validation ensured

Dearier applies the complimentary VISIA Complexion Analysis to ensure the designed effectiveness of all its products before its launch into the market.

Chapter 9 - make it affordable

The brand motivation of Dearier is to make more women use affordable and prime beauty devices for their skincare, so Dearier refuses high profit margins and high prices.

Chapter 10 - GLAMOUR 365

In 2021, Dearier innovated and launched the first ever "Makeup Removal Facial Cleansing Device" - GLAMOUR 365. It's designed and developed with dedicated expertise for DAILY makeup removal by delivering deep pore cleansing and more glowing skin using sonic vibration and thermal technology.
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