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Makeup Removal Devices: What Are They & Why Do We Need?

Dearier Makeup Remover Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush
Sleep in Makeup, Never!


In order to maintain healthy, clean skin, we must remove the makeup and cleanse our skin every day. By doing so on our skin, it effectively gets rid of makeup residues and furthermore dirt, sebum, makeup, and pollution particles that have accumulated on it. In addition, the step enables better absorption of skincare products after they are applied to the skin.

When we do makeup removal, it is important to maintain the delicate balance between cleansing thoroughly and not overdoing it. As a result of our eagerness to thoroughly remove makeup with harsh cleansers or removers, physical scrubs and hot water, we may unwittingly risk disrupting the integrity of the skin.

Using makeup removal devices can be one of the safest and most efficient ways to deep cleanse the skin and keep it in good shape.
Face cleansing brushes were originally launched more than a decade ago and have been hugely successful for their deep cleansing properties. In the current era, facial sonic cleansing devices remain popular among beauty obsessives and celebrities. However, as one of the kinds of sonic facial brushes, makeup removal device was developed and launched only recently.

The topic of this blog post is all you need to know about makeup removal devices, why I've been a fan of them, and my review of the first-ever makeup removal device, Dearier GLAMOUR 365.

In What Ways Do Makeup Removal Devices Work?


Dearier Electronic Facial Cleansing Brush makeup remover for acne prone skin
A Makeup Removal Device needs has the Optimal Silicone Hardness


Typically, the devices use sonic frequencies to clean the pores. Cleaning with sonic energy involves the rapid movements of bristles that give a deep pore clean. The brush heads on these devices are made of silicon. For makeup removal cleansing, the devices are usually applied with makeup remover and makeup cleanser.


What Is The Mechanism of Face Cleanser Machine or Sonic Facial Cleanser?


Dearier Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush makeup remover face wash
DearSonic Vibration Technology


Air pollution has been shown to negatively impact the skin in recent years. There has also been a connection between air pollution and conditions such as eczema and premature aging. These harmful particles are a lot more widespread in the air than we believe, making air pollution all the more worrying.

The term "air pollution" refers to a mixture of particles and smog. Pollutants in the air come from all sources, including exhaust fumes, smoking, haze, and industrial gases. The particles that make up air pollution are microscopic. It is possible for these particles to enter the skin directly through the epidermis or indirectly through pores. Pollution damages the skin by causing free radical injury, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

It is very important to prevent air pollution from affecting the skin (by deep cleansing and using antioxidants); as well as strengthening skin defences (by using skincare products containing ceramides and niacinamide).

We have already mentioned the importance of getting a thorough cleaning of our faces to remove pollutants trapped in our pores. Compared to manual methods, face brush wash devices have shown to be more effective in cleaning the skin of pollutants. Sonic facial cleansing brush can remove these microscopic particles more effectively than manual cleansing with our hands.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Makeup Remover Devices?

Regular cleaning brushes (e.g. loofah sponges, brushes), which are commonly used for exfoliation, may cause overscrubbing and compromise hygiene. As of yet, makeup removal devices have been determined to be safe and non-abrasive. It is important to choose a brush appropriate for the type of skin you have (e.g. sensitive skin vs. normal skin); and to avoid exfoliation (i.e. do not use this brush with harsh cleansers and stick to the manufacturer's instructions for use). When it comes to choosing electronic facial cleansing brush, it is important to make informed decisions that are appropriate for your skin type.
To determine if makeup removal devices are safe and effective, studies with patients with acne, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis have been conducted. These studies have also demonstrated the safety of using these devices with these dermatological conditions consistently.


My Experience with Makeup Removal Devices


Dearier Makeup Remover Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush portable for travel
  Glamour 365 by Dearier - Makeup Remover Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush


Makeup removal devices are one of my favorite beauty gadgets, and my journey with them began recently with the inventory Dearier GLAMOUR 365, which is currently in my hands and I have just finished reviewing it after using it.

GLAMOUR 365 have helped noticeably get rid of the makeup residues from my face and make my skin look and feel smoother, cleaner and healthier, without abrasions or dryness. Furthermore, I have also found that facial sonic cleansing helps to prevent comedones and acne from returning.

Time's up for this writing, there's more to come. I'll leave my full review of GLAMOUR 365 to the next post.

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