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7 Reasons You Need To Try a Makeup Removal Device

Dearier Makeup Remover Electronic Facial Cleasing Brush
Dearier GLAMOUR 365 - Makeup Remover Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Face wash has been revolutionized since the advent of sonic facial brushes. This tool is embraced by skincare lovers because it provides a deep cleaning that no washcloth can match. Meanwhile, beauty lovers are ecstatic! Dearier has arrived at a new era of sonic facial brushes - the makeup remover brush - GLAMOUR 365.

1. The tool has multiple uses

As our skin care routines become more complex, the last thing it needs is hassle. GLAMOUR 365 totally gets that! This specialized tool features a slicone brush head for makeup removal. Aside from digging into those pores, it can do more than cleansing. It works as a thermal eye massagern to help improve blood circulation and alleviate eye fatigue. It also work in your other serums and creams and its skin massaging sonic technology leaves skin smoother, firmer and more youthful in appearance.

2. Makes cleaning your makeup removal simple and enjoyable

Can't manage your makeup removal routine but want a clear complexion? That's great, using this gadget makes caring for your skin easy. At the touch of a button, GLAMOUR 365 does all the work for you, so you don't have to.

3. GLAMOUR 365 is an incredibly clean utility.

In GLAMOUR 365, the powerful sonic technology removes 99.6% of makeup residuues, dirt and oil, making your skin squeaky clean. Furthermore, this product is made of nonporous medical grade silicone, which adds to its impressive features. It is much more hygienic than regular spinning brushes since the build-up of bacteria cannot occur with it!

4. It is gentle while still being effective

This sonic facial cleansing brush is gentler on the skin than many alternatives on the market. You will not experience redness or irritation after using the vibrating motion. It is soothing and not abrasive. This hypoallergenic brush is perfect for even sensitive skin types!

5. Having an aesthetician at your fingertips!

A visit to the aesthetician every now and then is good for your skin, but it can be expensive! Nevertheless, GLAMOUR 365 is like having a specialized facial expert on hand, without the high cost. From the comfort of your own home, it effectively remove the makepup, dead skin cells and clears clogged pores with the 3 operation modes. A facecloth can't compare to GLAMOUR 365's over 1232 touch points for refreshing cleansing!

Dearier makeup remover silicone face scrubber electric
Dearier GLAMOUR 365 - Specialised For Makeup Removal


6. Use it like a breeze!

It does not require a complicated set-up or complicated procedures. Simple buttons allow you to easily adjust the vibration level. After removing surface makeup, wet the brush and the face before applying your favorite facial cleansing wash product. Using a foaming cleanser will provide the better results for you.

Then, start the makeup removal from the center of your face and the sides in a circular motion. For 10 seconds in each area, as well as for 30 seconds where heavy makeup is applied, place the device on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Easy! Rinse your face with water and apply serums and moisturizers, making sure to use GLAMOUR 365's thermal and vibrating back pad for better absorption of these products.

Dearier Makeup remover silicone face scrubber electric
Dearier GLAMOUR 365 - All in Style

7. First ever, a cleansing device in style!

GLAMOUR 365's aesthetic makes it stand out even among luxury cosmetic products. There is an edge to this simple, minimalistic design that elevates it above the competition. It's moody, with an elegant and gracious personality that refuses to be ignored.

You won't find a more convenient and eefective makeuup removal device over GLAMOUR 365. This tool is super hygienic and perfect for use both at home and on the go. Simply sit back and enjoy the clean and glowing results!

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