The Five Key Characteristics of Dearier GLAMOUR 365

Effective, Yet Gentle, For DAILY Use!

The Brush of All Optimal Parameters and Specialised Design

  • When these optimal parameters are used, an effective and efficient way to remove makeup is offered. In the meanwhile, there is low abrasions and exfoliation to the skin, so the skin barrier can be kept intact.
  • Unlike many alternatives on the market, GLAMOUR 365 adapt the optimal silicone hardness (by the Shore Durometer test) based on the research results from Dearier R&D team to ensure the DAILY makeup removing process is effective, yet skin-friendly.
  • Improper silicone hardness causes overwashing and overscrubbing, which may leave you with a squeaky-clean feeling, but this actually is damaging your skin barrier and disrupting skins pH, and can cause increased oil production, red, irritated skin.

Specialized Bristle Length Pattern

The optimized and specialized length pattern present a concave center to the left and right sides, but a convexity to the up and down sides for the full and precise reach to the skin, especially the narrow part of the face. 

High Brush Density - 1232 Brush Bristles

Equipped with 55 bristles in every single cm2 to provide enough skin contact area for high CLEANSING INTENSITY

Super Thin Bristle - 0.6 mm Diameters

The 0.6 mm diameters brush bristles offer the best balance on makeup removal and skincare for DAILY use, and are a cinch to clean.

The Specialized Silicone

Crafted from odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and Food-grade Silicone of optimal hardness and high AGING RESISTANCE

The Elastic Brush Head

The design of the ELASTIC brush head to prevent over-cleansing and over-scrubbing

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