10 Key Things to Know About GLAMOUR 365 | Dearier
  1. The design of the elastic brush head to prevent over-cleansing.
  2. The silicone brush bristles can work at up to 10000 vibration per minute to break down dirt and oil from within pores
  3. Crafted from pure and antibacterial silicone, the brush bristles of 0.6 mm diameters can offer the best balance on facial cleansing and skincare for DAILY use, and are a cinch to clean.
  4. stylish battery level indicator lights
  5. Easy and stylish one-button operation
  6. IPX7 waterproof with whole body washable. Enjoy it in the shower!
  7. Smart design of the contoured back of brush head to provide 42°C thermal and vibration functions for eye massage and skincare product application
  8. The stylish and patented design of the hidden charging port provides powerful charging performance.
  9. With full charge and 2-minute use per day, GLAMOUR 365 can work amazingly as long as at least 200 days.
  10. Inclusion of the voguish and branded storage bag
  11. The design of the handle is considered superior to handheld ones for more comfortable , hygienic and stylish user experience
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