"It removes all traces of makeup" - The real review on Dearier GLAMOUR

"It removes all traces of makeup" - The real review on Dearier GLAMOUR 365 by Amy Miranda -



How do you remove all traces of makeup from your face? there are various handheld devices, some are good, some are ineffective. What to try and what not to waste your money on? In this video, I will be unboxing and testing a sonic face cleansing Japanese device similar to Foreo, used in the shower to clean your face and rid it of makeup particles that cannot come out with a simple wash. If you like what you see, you can check it out at www.dearier.com and save money with code Amy15.  

Since I got this face cleanser about a week ago, I have been using it daily and I like how it leaves my skin so soft. It is created by a Japanese inventor and is similar to your Foreo Luna but it reaches the areas around the nose and you can even use it on your eyelids to remove your makeup.. It is gentle and I love its color and presentation. For me, it leaves me feeling clean and invigorated.

While I receive a lot of offers to review items, I let them go and rarely select an item. This was an exception! it caught my attention and I wanted to find out more about it. So I used it when it arrived and to my surprise, it exceeded my expectations. The team has kindly extended a discount code so you can save money; use Amy15 if interested. I don’t get any commission. Only buy if you need it and if you wear makeup at least five days a week. It is so easy to use and I am falling in love with it.

About Amy Miranda 

For the first decade since I started this youtube channel, I have mainly focused on makeup and beauty, brushes and tools, sharing my knowledge of makeup artistry and real life makeup experience as a mua.

As we were hit by the pandemic, I found myself immersed in the world of natural soap making and created beautiful soaps which I shared with family and friends.

They are available on my website if you wish to give them a try. As the world continues to evolve, I create weekly videos in a variety of topics, focusing on important topics and daily events, lessons to learn from life; makeup application and candid reflections.

To see me use it on my face, see my latest video on amymiranda1 my youtube channel. 

I would love to hear back if you use it. Did it work for you as good as it worked for me?

* I don't make any commission or profit from this review nor from your potential purchase and the original opinions provided in this video is mine.

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